Your pet is the star here at Premier Pet Salon.
We give one-on-one attention to your pet while they are here, which is crucial for a good grooming experience.  The reserved time for your pet allows our groomers to spend every moment giving your pet the highest quality experience possible. This means that you get a superior cut and a better chance at catching any problems early like; ear infections, nail overgrowth, or any new lumps or bumps that a vet might need to check.  Regular grooming with the same groomer can help prevent a lot of these issues and we have the education and experience to know what to look for.
Pictures of nail overgrowth

For the safety and comfort of your pet we do NOT kennel dry.  We fluff dry all of our clients - this means that we use hand blow dryers that allow us to fully dry your pet in a fraction of the time that it would take to kennel dry.  It allows us to remove all of the excess hair that builds up and it gives a better result for the finishing style and haircut.  

  Our History

Established in 2008
Premier Pet Salon was founded on the beliefs that pets come first.  After being in the grooming industry for 7 years Karen saw a need for a more specialized grooming experience with safety and comfort being at the forefront.  Premier Pet Salon was born in 2008 focusing on quality and safety over high volume grooming. With grooming by appointment only Premier Pet Salon was able to offer grooming one dog at a time with lots of one on one attention.  Since opening in 2008 and finding the need to add more professional groomers to the Premier Pet Salon staff.  Karen developed a very intensive interview process that helped to ensure that only the best people would be added. Each one of Premier Pet Salons groomers has various strengths but all have a deep understanding of canines and felines with a true passion for their chosen profession and all Premier Pet Salon groomers share the core foundation values of "Pets come first."


Meet Your Groomers

 Karen Aldrich CPCG

    Karen attended The Paragon School of Pet Grooming in Michigan completing their course in 2001.  There she was taught a foundation of AKC grooming and Pet trim styles.  With an ever changing industry she is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge. She attends continuing education seminars as well as monthly webinars to continue her educated on everything from sanitation in the grooming salon to the newest trends in grooming.  Karen has achieved her certification by the NAPCG as well as being asked by the NAPCG to be a certifier, one of only two in the US and four in the world.  She prides herself on adhering to a strict code of ethics with a foundation of the science behind skin and coat and to always puts pets best interests first.  Not only does Karen enjoy helping owners find their best grooming options, she has mentored other groomers that wish to continue their grooming education and has done consulting for both local and out of state grooming and bording facilities.  Karen specializes in AKC breed standard cuts, pet trims, hand scissoring, Asia style grooming, and special needs dogs.  She has also completed continuing education in Caine diet & Feline Diet, Salon Esthetics and has received certificates in  Skin & Coat, Sanitation in the Salon, , Temporary Color, Semi Permanent color,  and she is a Certified Professional Creative Groomer.
Karen is also a columnist for Creative Groomers Quarterly as well as a speaker and judge for the NAPCG
 " I've found that if you take the time to figure out what each pet needs that then they will open up and these pets that had formally been "ungroomable" become fantastic grooming clients."



Premier Pet Salon 2015 Policies

 We offer by appointment only scheduling so punctuality is very important to our grooming schedule because it affects not just your appointment but every subsequent appointment through out our day.

  ~ Please remember it's of the utmost importance to arrive on time for your appointment.  Please allow extra time to potty your pup outside once you arrive. If you're going to be late please call to make sure we can still groom your dog.  If we are still able to take your dog, there may be an added charge of $15.00 for the late drop off.

 ~We require at least 24 hours notice when changing your appointment to avoid a late cancellation fee of $35.00. Please note the weeks leading up to thanksgiving and Christmas will require a 48 hour notice to avoid fees.

~If you NO SHOW for your appointment you will be charged 50% of your groom fee or $50.00 which ever is higher for the first time and a full groom fee for subsequent times. This compensates our groomers for their lost time when someone no shows.  This charge must be paid before we can reschedule your dog.

~ To avoid a daycare fee please be available to pick your dog up within 30 minutes of our call. Daycare fees range from $5-$20 depending on how long your pet is here. We run a kennel free facility so it's very important that we keep on top of the number of dogs here at any given time. If you need to leave your dog here for a longer period of time please clear it with a staff member first.

 ~Please note our closing time is 5pm T, W, F, Sat. and we are open till 8pm on Thursdays, there is a late pick up fee of $1/minute for pick up after closing.

~Christmas and Thanksgiving prebooking- Because of the limited time and the popularity of grooming before these two major holidays the weeks leading up to these holidays will require a $50.00 or 50% groom fee (whichever is higher) deposit to hold your spot. Please note the weeks leading up to thanksgiving and Christmas will require a 48 hour notice to cancel or reschedule to avoid losing your deposit.

~If your dog is found to have fleas there will be an additional $50.00 flea fee on top of your groom fee.

~Each fall we look at our operating costs as well as costs of living and then determine yearly price increases.   

Because there have been some questions about what we may charge extra for here is a list.  Please note the reason we need to charge extra for these items is because it takes us extra time during your appointment to address these issues.

 Remember that pre-booking can help avoid added fees and will ensure an appointment that will work best for you and your pet. 

There will be additional fees for:

~A matted pet

~If your pet bites or tries to bite

~If your pet is obese

There may be additional fees for:

~If we need to fix a "home grooming"

~If your pet is taken to an "inexperienced groomer" and has a bad outcome and we need to fix either the hair cut or the behavioral issue. 

We are happy to discuss any questions you may have about our policies, please don't hesitate to ask!



To schedule an appointment please call
1115 Vicksburg Ln North # 12
Plymouth, MN55447


Business Hours

Because the needs of our
customers vary, so do
our business hours.

By appointment only during these times

Tuesday 8-5
Wednesday 8-5
Thursday 8-7 open late
Friday 8-5
Saturday 8-5
 Please be sure to schedule an appointment day and time
that works for you to avoid a 'late cancelation' or 'no show'  fee


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