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These amazing photos were taken at Momento Images in Savage MN

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miniature schnauzer

Dutchess is a miniature schnauzer

Groomed by Lynnie

Ginger, Wire Hair Fox Terrier

Ginger is a wire hair fox terrier

Hand stripped by Karen

Mariposa Cockapoo

Mariposa is a cockapoo

Groomed by Karen

~Some Words From Our Clients~

"Best dog salon ever!!! I've brought my dog to many groomers but never have been this satisfied! The decor is amazing! Super cute and welcoming. Also very clean, which is a must! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Lynnie took personal care of my dog and did a fantastic job! She listened to what I specifically wanted and definitely made me happy. I am very impressed with this salon and will definitely return! Ask for Lynnie!"


" My dog Ginger has been groomed by Karen since she was a puppy. Another groomer that works from her home in Plymouth refused to groom my dog and refused to explain why. I was devastated. Karen took on grooming my Lil Girl and quickly won over both of our hearts! She has groomed Ginger for almost four years and does a fantastic job of hand-stripping her wired-hair fox terrier coat. I have asked Karen many times if Ginger is a difficult dog to groom and she just chuckles and tells me she is just being a terrier. My dog loves seeing Karen, Lynne, and Chantal and can barely wait to get into the salon each time she is groomed. Incidentally, we live in Edina and first went to the salon located in Richfield.....driving to Plymouth is not at all inconvenient because she is well-treated and beautiful when she is groomed. Rob & Ginger"


"I'm Juniper Eva my daddies took me to this salon to be groomed. I was a puppy mill dog so am pretty nervous about things. Karen put me at my ease and I felt really comfortable.
We took Juniper Eva and the end result was amazing - we were so happy that Juniper had a great time there. Karen was so understanding about how nervous she was and did everything to put her at her ease.
She recommended a new harness and adjusted her collar and pointed out some lumps on Juniper and about her knees.
Everything about the experience at the salon was made to make you feel comfortable and the personal service that Juniper received was great and so one on one.
We have only had her 4 months so were scouring around to find someone who could look after our little one and as soon as I talked to Karen I felt at ease. On entering the salon all our worries were put at ease as she explained everything that Juniper needed.
When we got the phone call to say she was done, we rushed up there to see her smiling with Karen.
If anyone needs a salon with its primary motive to make the dog and owner feel comfortable and to do a fantastic job this is the one to go to."


"We've been bringing our dog, an english cocker spaniel we rescued, to Premier Pet Salon since we got her. Our dog is very shy, especially around new people and experiences, but Karen does a great job making her feel comfortable. Each time we go there, she gets better and better with the grooming process and she always looks and smells great afterwards.

I know they're currently looking for a new home, but I have no doubt the new space will be as good or better than the old one. Don't hestitate to bring your pet to PPS!"


"keegan loves it here. i think he likes the company more than the getting clean, but that's besides the point. his long locks come back very fresh and sweet smelling and karen does a great job getting rid of all of his retriever fuzzy undercoat so it doesn't end up all over my house."


"Karen is the only one that grooms my dogs. Ida is great with going and getting groomed because of the experiences that she has had with Karen since she was a puppy. The shop is set up great for dogs and humans!! There are snacks for the people and the dogs. This is a great place to bring your dog. If you have any concerns Karen is always willing to listen. Fun for dogs and people!!!!"


"Karen is great with any dog. I bring all my family pets and my friends pets to her salon. It is also really nice that I can wait for the dogs to get done right at the salon and take them home - NO cage waiting for the dogs. Best salon in the area worth the money!"


"Cody tends to get a bit grumpy when it comes time to get groomed and most groomers won't work with him unless he is sedated first - something that I have never been happy about. So when Karen said that she wouldn't need to sedate him, I was skeptical but I was willing to give her a shot just so Cody wouldn't have to be drugged. Karen definitely has a gift - not only did Cody look much better than he usually does after being groomed (I don't think he has ever been THAT clean before) but his temperament was completely different than it typically is after being groomed. I think he actually has a good time when he goes to see Karen! Karen is now the only groomer that I would trust with Cody."


"She's gentle with a hairy old dog who has sore hips and hates to be groomed! She cleared out his uber-shaggy golden retriever undercoat so that he didn't shed for a good 5 weeks, and left his coat silky and gleaming!"

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